Total Fertility® by TRUSTED SCIENCE was conceived from a desire to help women and men realize their dream of having a child.

After years of researching and clinically prescribing a sophisticated, but complicated “cocktail” of vitamins and antioxidants to promote egg and embryo quality, Total Fertility® Preconception was introduced to the market as an all-in-one, standalone product. In one convenient bottle rather than a cocktail of 20+ pills per day, the standalone product not only has the proper fertility-affecting nutrients in medicinally-significant dosages, but at just six capsules per day, it is easier to take.*

When Total Fertility hit the market, there was nothing else out there like it. Since then, many companies – some old, some new – have tried to replicate the original. But the #1 OTC Brand that Doctors, Fertility Specialists and Growing Families have trusted for almost ten years is still here and backed by TRUSTED SCIENCE – a Company and people you and your family can trust.*

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