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Many companies are jumping on the bandwagon to get into the fertility supplements’ market. But, Total Fertility® is the #1, OTC Brand Doctors, Fertility Specialists and growing families have trusted for 10 years. It is backed by a trustworthy Company and people, with two dedicated missions. The first is to Help Doctors Bring Family Dreams to Life. Unlike some products on the market, the Chief Formulator of Total Fertility is a top Reproductive Specialist who has been helping patients realize their family-planning dreams for almost 20 years. That means our products contain only ingredients that, in practice, make a positive difference for fertility. And, our products contain clinically-significant dosages of key ingredients. For example, Total Fertility® Preconception for Women has more than twice the amount of Vitamin C of any competing product, because our Chief Formulator understands that besides being a potent antioxidant in its own right, Vitamin C is a co-factor for processes such as the conversion of N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) to Glutathione (GSH), the body’s most important antioxidant. However, the dosage of Vitamin C also is not as high as the dosage in Total Fertility® Advantage for Men, because in women who are trying to conceive naturally, higher dosages may dry cervical mucus.*

Our second mission is to Help Aspiring Parents Have Healthy Babies! Parenting begins prior to conception. In other words, the health of your baby begins long before your desire to have one. Yes, conception occurs when a sperm fuses with an egg, but the potential for your child begins years before you start thinking of baby names. Your doctors should start telling you in your teens and early twenties how lifestyle choices such as diet, nutrition, environment, stress, and even sleep can impact your ability to start a family when you want to have the healthy baby you desire one day. The Doctors we work with understand this and working with us, can guide you to make the right decisions in the years and months leading up to that exciting day when you decide it is time to start trying for your first or next baby. Whenever that day comes, TRUSTED SCIENCE is here. To get started realizing your family planning dreams with Total Fertility, click here to BUY THEM NOW.*

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